Pro White Line -
The medical stool with comfort and joy

We got your back. We use only European materials.

Comfort and joy to every work day

We focus on user comfort
to make every working day
more enjoyable since 1997.
We have over 70 000 happy users
in Europe today.

Heritage of expertise

Scandinavian craftsmanship perfected since 1978.
Market leader
We have over 70 000 happy users currently in Europe – we are a market leader in medical stools.
We use only European materials and components.
Our quality and functionality is backed with 7 yr warranty.
We are innovating with our suppliers constantly to offer you the best possible stools.

We put comfort and joy to every stool we makeScandinavian craftsmanship

Our stools bring joy and reliability to thousands of users every day. Every stool we make is adjustable for personal comfort. In addition, our stools are designed for easy hygienic maintenance by applying only clean design lines and antibacterial upholstery materials from European suppliers. For added personal comfort we offer a list of accessories that can be added to the stools.

We strive towards true craftsmanship in manufacturing. Our stools have been tried and tested by professionals for over two decades – our medical stools bring joy to every working day.


Riku Moilanen
Export Manager
+358 50 550 1668


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